No-Hassle Giving

Securely save your payment information for future use so that you can donate to the causes you care about with one, simple click

How It Works

  • Donate instantly from email

    After you save your payment information, you'll receive special QuickDonate links in emails from the participating organizations you've subscribed to. A donation amount will be associated with each link. If you're on a verified device, clicking this link processes your donation and charges your saved credit card instantly. If your device is not recognized, you will be prompted to securely verify it.

  • Donate in one click on the web

    When you click on a QuickDonate button on an organization’s website, you won’t be directed to a long form asking you for tons of information. If your device is verified, all you need to do is select an amount to have your donation processed instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is QuickDonate?

    QuickDonate by EveryAction allows you to securely save your payment information for future use so you can conveniently give to any of the progressive or non-profit organizations using QuickDonate, without re-entering your credit card information.

  • Does QuickDonate save my personal information?

    QuickDonate by EveryAction stores only the information required to make a donation to organizations using QuickDonate. This includes basic contact information and, for political organizations, details required for FEC compliance such as your employer and occupation. EveryAction will collect and store all data collected in accordance with the terms of our Privacy Policy.

    EveryAction will not store or share your credit card information per our Privacy Policy. EveryAction has partnered with Stripe to provide secure payment processing and credit card storage; we store only an identifier, or “customer ID,” which allows you to use your saved payment information across organizations using QuickDonate. 

  • How secure is my payment information?

    QuickDonate relies on Stripe as the payment processor for all donations, as well as a unique “Stripe Customer ID” to charge your card. Stripe is certified to PCI Service Provide Level 1, the most stringent level of security certification, providing industry-standard security for all user information. Stripe will not share your payment information with anyone. You can read all of Stripe’s security details here. Thousands of small and large organizations use Stripe to power commerce for their business.

  • How can I be sure no one else will use my QuickDonate information?

    Your donation will not be automatically processed unless your device is verified. You’ll be asked to verify each device you’d like to use through a security link sent in an email. We recommend you verify only personal devices. If you would like to remove a device from the list of verified devices, you’ll be able to do that from your account page, which only you will have access to.

  • Will my contact information be shared with other organizations using QuickDonate?

    Organizations using QuickDonate will not have access to your contact information unless you visit their donation page. By visiting the website of a participating organization, that organization will receive the personal information you provided for payment processing, but not the credit card information. QuickDonate makes this easier by allowing you to make a donation without requiring you to enter your information a second time.

  • What if I click on a QuickDonate link by accident?

    If your donation was processed and you would like to reverse the charge, you should request a refund from the organization to which you inadvertently donated.

  • How do I update my account?

    Log in here to manage your QuickDonate account.

  • Who do I contact if I have a question?

    Please direct requests for contribution refunds, changes to recurring contributions, contribution receipts, or changes to your email subscription status to the organization to which you made a donation. For questions specifically about your QuickDonate account, you may contact us.

  • How do I deactivate my QuickDonate account and remove my information?

    To deactivate your account, please follow these steps:

    1. Click on this link to navigate you your dashboard
    2. Go to the "Your Saved Info" tab
    3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the "Deactivate your QuickDonate account" button